Monthly Archives: November 2016

Germany Tourist Guide


More than two decades (rapidly closing in on three) have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Germany is now more unified than it has ever been before. Germany is the most populated state of the European Union with 82 million residents. After the United States, Germany is the most popular immigration destination…

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary


Only the fourth Disney Park opened in history in April 1992, the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris is rapidly approaching. Many of the first ever children to visit will now be grown up with kinds of their own, and will take them along to continue the tradition. With two main parks, the main Disneyland Park…

Italian Cuisine


Nothing says love and passion quite like Italian food, and when you visit Italy you owe it to yourself to try all of the flavours that Italy has to offer. Fresh vegetables, pasta, coffee and ice cream are all iconic parts of the Italian diet that are just waiting for you to throw yourself into…

Say Yes In Budapest


With the dividing line of the River Danube, the Hungarian capital is a charming European city with the 19th century Chain Bridge which connects the Buda district to Pest. Castle Hill highlights the old town of Buda and links the city all the way back to Roman times. As part of your Hungarian travel plans,…

Best Icelandic Hotels


Iceland has been described by John Carlin (a journalist at the Guardian) as the happiest place on earth. But don’t just take his word for it, investigate for yourself.Although they are not a member state of the European Union, Iceland are a part of the European Economic Area (EEA) and as a result they are…

A Super Swiss Break


Consider Switzerland the next time you’re planning a holiday. Whether you’re exploring alone, with a loved one or arranging a family getaway, Switzerland offers a fine blend of action and relaxation, so you’re covered whatever your preferences are. With the festive season approaching, maybe you’re considering a Christmas getaway, and if that’s the case, then…

Luxury European Hostels


A must read guide for any students planning a gap year, don’t pass up an opportunity to visit Europe on a budget. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a best friend or even a loved one, there is a world of fun and adventure waiting for you across Europe. When making your European travel plans,…

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