Film sets in Europe


Everyone goes visits Europe for the cultural experiences, architectural landmarks, or maybe just soaking up the sun and consuming that fine food. Yet, did you know that Europe has hosted a number of settings for some famous films?  Ditch the beach and embrace the intricacies of filmmaking and relive some of your favourite scenes. In addition to these film sets, there is also some amazing locations close by for you to embody that genic holiday. Okay you might not see meet your favourite actors or be part of the film crew, but there is still something magical that is left behind and by visiting the locations from your favourite films adds that needed satisfaction to your European trip. Before you go gallivanting off to your favourite locations pretending to be the next James Bond, make sure you have your EHIC at hand because if you were to embody your inner action hero and pick up an injury, your EHIC card will cover those medical costs.  That’s enough of the talking let’s have a look at the film sets you should visit in Europe:

Christ Church College – UK

You’re a wizard Harry’. Experience the magic of witchcraft and wizardry when you visit the Christ Church College in Oxford. This beautiful school/cathedral were used in the Harry Potter series purely because of its 16th century design and the way the staircase, hallways and dining hall are all presented. This building has served as the inspiration for other movie sets throughout England for the film as well.

The Gran Budapest Hotel – Germany

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a classic, vintage Wes Anderson favourite which has got many film buffs excited. The Gorlitzer Warenhaus in Gorlitz served as the film location for the hotel because it displayed a rather shabby lobby. Scenes that consisted out of the hotel were filmed around the historic town of Gorlitz, which is located in eastern Germany.

Skellig Michael – Ireland

This island literally looks like it’s been frozen in time, something you’d see in a medieval film, this location actually served to be Luke Skywalker’s hideaway in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, like in the film, this area is isolated so it’s no wonder it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Access to the Island is limited to tours that run during the summer, so maybe you can grab a tour and be one with the force.

Karlin District –Prague

This location served in the opening scenes of Casino Royale and it didn’t include your generic churches, castles or cathedrals. In 2006, as Daniel Craig graced our screens for the very first time as Bond, the Karlin District was where the action took place, filming was shot in the Danube House, Strahov Monastery and the National Museum.

Salzburg – Austria

This location is home the iconic The Sound of Music, if you were to ever travel to this location, you’ll be gifted the opportunity to embrace their inner Maria travel to the well-known hills. In addition to this, there are plenty of spots to visit on your own accord such as Hellbrunn Palace where the song ’16 going on 17’ was filmed. But it won’t be worth the trip to this scenic location if your weren’t ready to ramp up the cheese factor and jump on one of the sing-along tours visiting all the main movie settings.

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