A Guide To A City Break In Florence, Italy


While the Italian city of Florence is small, with a population of 365,000, it is mighty in terms of the millions of visitors it attracts every year. So, just what is it about Florence that causes travellers to flock to it from far and wide? It could have something to do with it being home to over one million works of Renaissance art- from the likes of Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. It is also popular among fashionistas as the city is famous for being the birthplace of iconic fashion brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Gucci and Pucci to name but a few.

Florence is able to offer foodies the chance to try some of the best wines and steaks in the world and, along with its exquisite architecture and towering cathedrals, this city is truly one of the best when it comes to setting your senses alight! With so much on offer, it can be hard to know where to start discovering the city of Florence, so we hope our guide will help to give you the best possible place to start your adventure…

Where To Go

If you’re not a planner, you will love wandering aimlessly through Florence’s magnificent streets as there will be something around every corner of this beautiful location. If you keep in mind that the most visited spots and the places that you need to know about are all generally concentrated between Florence station, the Arno River and Santa Croce.

Where To Eat

Staying in Florence means being able to try and enjoy some of its finest local products, from wines and breads to its olive oil. Experimenting with the abundance of local dishes and delicacies is definitely on the cards should you choose to pay Florence a visit! Some of the best restaurants can be found between San Lorenzo and the railway station, with the more luxurious being found in and around Santa Croce and in Oltrarno.

Where To Stay

There are a wide range of accommodations on offer in Florence; hotels, historic residences, bed and breakfasts and hostels. There is something for every budget. Staying outside the city is ideal if you’re able to drive in as you will find yourself surrounded by the countryside and would be able to take advantage of both the central area of Florence and its stunning surrounding areas.

How To Get Around

Arriving in Santa Maria Novella  is the best way to get right into the centre of the art scene in Florence, with it being steps away from the centre of the city. Florence is also quite easily navigated by foot or public transport. Be sure to remember that almost all museums in Italy are closed on Mondays.

When you start packing, be sure to make a European Health Insurance Card a top priority to secure before you being your adventure in Florence. The EHIC cad entitles its bearer to free or greatly discounted medical care should they require it on the duration of their stay.

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