A Guide to Europe’s Smallest Countries


With there being over 194 countries in the world, it’s easy to assume that the title, ‘country’, equates to massive land mass with a large population size to boot. Some nations in fact are so tiny that others are giants in comparison. Although there are many countries in the world that are small in size (areas less than 400 square kilometres), Europe by far has the most number of them. The beauty of these places is their ability to govern their own land, take pride in their own culture and often make up some of the richest and most intriguing places in the world.

Packing your pocket-sized EHIC card is equally as important when visiting these tiny European countries as the larger ones as you can be sure to receive the same medical treatment as the native population. There is something to be said for the following fun-sized countries in the fact that they have remained independent and haven’t been taken over by their larger neighbouring countries. Take note of some of the following smaller countries who are big players in the world of tourism. Size isn’t always everything it seems…


Tucked away between Austria and Switzerland, little Liechtenstein holds the record for the country with the world’s lowest external debt, making its capital Vaduz a popular tax haven.  Aside from this, it’s also a lovely destination for winter sports due to its position near the Alps and boasts low unemployment rates too! Getting into the country can be a bit tricky as they don’t have an airport, so if you’re looking to check it out, try going through Switzerland’s Zurich Airport.


This small country certainly packs a punch in terms of offering visitors plenty to see and do. The countries Adriatic coast is filled with pretty fishing villages, quiet coves, pristine beaches and a growing number of resorts. Its mountainous areas are similarly spectacular, dotted with ancient forests, snowy peaks and glorious lakes and rivers. From skiing to sunbathing, Montenegro is one of the most colourful destinations on our list.


As well as being small in size, Kosovo is also one of the youngest European countries, having only being ‘born’ in 2008. This self-declared republic with a two million strong population is only partially recognised but this does not detract from the fact it is a wonderful place to visit, should you have the chance. Its capital, Pristina, has many historic mosques, markets and cafes to explore. With EasyJet flying here, there’s no reason why this mountainous wonderland can’t be your next stop.


Although not landing high on the list of European tourist hot-spots, Luxembourg has a lot of charming sights on offer. Its fairy-tale medieval castle Vianden is a must-visit, as is its capital, Luxembourg City which offers some of the best eateries in the land!


Similarly to Liechtenstein, Andorra attracts millions of day trippers due to its tax haven reputation. Lying in the eastern Pyrenees and bordered by Spain and France, Andorra for many means cheap alcohol, cigarettes and electronics. What many fail to see is its spectacular opportunities for winter sports and mountain hikes.

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