Pay a visit to Provence


The south eastern region of France has been a source of fascination for so many people since Peter Mayle rediscovered the area in his book ‘A Year in Provence’, but it’s safe to say that Provence has always been on the map when it comes to being a beautiful and whimsical French village. For some people, Provence is defined by lavender fields and being home to Mont Saint Vincent which was famously painted by Cezanne and while these are both great examples of what this area of France has to offer there is also much more to be discovered. If you are looking to discover everything that Provence has to offer an inquisitive traveller, then read on to find out what it is that sets this destination apart from everywhere else in France…

Take the lavender route

If you are looking to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to Provence’s lavender obsession then take the famous lavender route from Abbaye de Senanque to Drome and the Vaucluse. The blue and purple fields of lavender grow to hip height and are quite the shock to the senses when it comes to both its powerful colour to alluring smell.

Witness the French Riviera

The famous French Riviera offers everything from glamorous beaches in Cannes and Saint Tropez to the luxurious Monaco where you are guaranteed some exciting nightlife options.

Go fishing for Bouillabaisse

If there is one dish that people associate with Provence its bouillabaisse, a rich and comforting stew/ soup made from all kinds of fish. You are sure to find this dish served all over Provence but you sure won’t beat the version you can find at Chez Fonfon in Marseille!

Go au natural

One of the wonderful things about Provence is the areas stunning areas of natural beauty that still remain untouched. Pay a visit to the marshy land of Camargue which will leave you wonderstruck at its spectacular beauty. Here you will find black bulls, flamingos and wild horses.

Visit Van Gogh’s Arles

Arles is immortalised in Van Gogh’s beautiful artwork and the area is a very popular destination for those looking to see his artwork be brought to life. The area is also known for its stunning architecture and the Arles Amphitheatre which now hosts bullfights, concerts and plays.

Take a Cezanne country tour

Van Gogh was not the only one to set about immortalising Provence through paintings. Make sure you don’t miss out on visiting the hometown of Cezanne and take in the views of Mont Ste-Victoire.

Verdon Gorge

France’s deepest gorge can be found in Provence and can certainly be considered to be one of the must see natural wonders that the area has to offer. As there are no roads to this area, you should certainly look into hiring a boat or kayak to take in the sights of the area.

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