Tourist-less European travel destinations


While it may be comforting to know others are in the same boat as you when it comes to travelling (there is safety in numbers when it comes to poorly pronounced Spanish words!), there is a time when it’s nice to know that you won’t run into someone you will know whilst on your holiday! If you are looking for a European getaway that literally ‘gets you away’ from the UK and other tourists, take a look at our handy guide to the most overlooked travel destinations by Brits in Europe!


For a better insight into the beautiful country of Romania, head to Bucharest, which is filled with Communist style architecture that has haunted its past and left so much of the city destroyed under its reign. In the day be sure to check out Bucharest’s thriving arts scene and have some fun in the bars and clubs in the evening. This city is ready to embrace its visitors with open arms!


The city of Genoa in Italy is perfect for those looking to explore some of the oldest examples of medieval history as it has the best preserved old town in Europe. The new town of Vi Garibaldi is long and pedestrianized, perfect for casual strolls where you can pop into its array of shops, museum and restaurants. Genoa is highly underrated and deserves far more attention than it receives!


The Slovenian capital of Ljubljana has yet to be as popular with us brits as somewhere like Prague and it’s impossible to see why as it has everything from affordable dining options beautiful architecture too! Its bridges and hilltop castle are some of its most must see features.


Spain’s third city is the ultimate hideaway for Brits seeing as Madrid and Barcelona take up most of the attention away from it. Paella was actually born in Valencia, which makes it perfect for foodies who want to try an authentic taste of Spain. It also has some fascinating buildings to check out such as the City of Arts and Scientist and Santiago Calatrava.


Aarhus is the proudest holder of the 2017 European Capital of Culture title and as this is likely to begin boosting its visitor numbers soon, you should check it out as soon as you can! It’s perfect for a weekend break and has everything from modern architecture to beautiful cobbled streets.


You would think that Bremen in Germany would be more popular considering Ryanair flies there and the fact that it has one of the oldest wine cellars in the whole Germany. This city has a wonderful mix of old and new architecture and easy transfer from the airport via a tram- simple!

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