Ultimate Easter Escapes


As April rolls around and the days get warmer and longer, the pull of wanderlust becomes stronger and stronger. There is no better time to take a break from work and the monotony of everyday life than in Easter as spring really comes into full swing! From last minute weekend breaks to luxurious beach retreats, take this time to recharge and enjoy this wonderful time of year. If you are in need of a little inspiration, look no further than our guide to some of the most fabulous vacation destinations:


Going to Paris is always a good idea and this is all the more true in the spring when the city glows in the sunlight and more and more people descent to the charming cafes and bars that can be found on almost every street corner here. From taking a walk along the Seine to going art gallery hopping, Paris is has a certain je ne sais quoi that will keep you coming back!


For the Easter escape of a lifetime, consider a trip to Cuba. April and March are the best times to go to Cuba as the weather is hot and will make a fabulous change to the unpredictable and cool temperatures we see during this time of the year in the UK. This country is always highly recommended by everyone as it is bursting with life, colour and history.


Nothing beats a trip to Marrakech this time of year- its cooler, more affordable and understandably quieter in the summer months. Take to the hilly parts of Marrakech for stunning views and the sights of almond blossoms in the trees or watch the sunset descend on the town as you sample some of the city’s delicious foods.


If you are after some sunshine to get away from the unpredictable weather in the UK (April showers!), then take to Cyprus- a wonderful destination for beach bums and adrenaline junkies alike. This part of the world is wonderful during this time of year as you will able to take a swim in the sea but not get brunt to crisp while taking a walk through the town. Also Cyprus turns lusciously green this time of year so be sure to take advantage of its stunning natural landscapes.


As summers in Texas are crazy hot, paying this fascinating part of the States during the cooler spring months (where temperatures reach a comfortable 20 degrees) is ideal. This is also the time where more and more activities tend to begin taking place outdoors so you can look forward to concerts, parties and BBQs under the sunshine! Texas is a vibrant and exciting place so why not take this Easter as a chance to get to know the place?!

No matter where you choose to jet off too this Easter, make sure you are always prepared and carry relevant travel insurance with you. If you are heading to Europe for example, apply for or renew your European Health Insurance Card before you go.


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