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Will I still need to take out travel insurance?

One of the most common questions people with the European Health Insurance Card have concerns whether or not they will still have to take out full travel insurance. With this in mind, let’s take a minute to analyse exactly what the card covers in order to best answer this question.

What will the European Health Insurance Card cover?

There is no denying the fact that a European Health Insurance Card will prove to be an invaluable addition to any trip to an EEA country or Switzerland. After all, if and when an accident occurs while you are away, or if an illness should creep up on you, the card will entitle you to seek emergency treatment from a local, state-run medical facility. What’s more, when at the medical centre or hospital, you can expect to receive exactly the same level of care as any of the locals. You should never be palmed off and subjected to a second class level of medical service.

The card will even entitle people to help if complications arise while they are away related to pre-existing medical conditions or chronic illnesses. If the patient requires kidney dialysis or oxygen in the European country, this will also be provided if the relevant arrangements have been made before the person travels to the foreign country.

You do need to take out a full travel insurance policy

Never make the fatal mistake of presuming that the European Health Insurance Card will cover any type of medical treatment you would care to mention while you are away. This is simply not the case. In fact, it is probably sensible to presume that the card will only cover you for treatment that is equivalent to us visiting our local accident and emergency department here in the UK. All other forms of medical treatment will not be provided and a full travel insurance policy would definitely need to be in place to cover any such resulting medical bills.

Do not compromise on the travel insurance policy

So, if you were under the impression you would be able to purchase a travel insurance policy without the necessary medical section included, you should certainly think again! Treat the travel insurance policy in the same way as though you were not carrying the European Health Insurance Card. At least this way, you would not be confronted with any astronomically high medical bills if something occurred during your time away.

In answer to the question: will I still need to take out travel insurance if I am carrying a European Health Insurance Card with me? We can categorically state a resounding YES! As thousands of British citizens make this very mistake every year and end up paying a huge price for it, you really don’t want to add yourself to such a list as yet another victim.

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